About Brittney

Looking back, I’ve always enjoyed event planning. Even as a kid I was always super excited for big family dinners, the holidays, and my birthday. When my Mom gave me the green light to have a sleepover for my 10th birthday, I IMMEDIATELY started hand-making the invitations.

I first realized that I had a knack for hosting and coordinating events when my friend got pregnant with her first baby back in 2009. Not only was I over the moon about her new arrival, but I was also excited to plan the perfect shower for her and her husband. Over the next few years, I hosted/planned several events for family and friends without ever noticing that I had a true passion for it.

In 2015, after graduating from law school, I finally took the leap to establish Events By Brittney. After spending three years tied down to textbooks, I was ready to spend my free time doing something that made me truly happy. I was apprehensive in the beginning; but after realizing I was constantly looking for a reason to have an event and people were always asking for my assistance, I began to see this as a possible business opportunity. I have not looked back since!

I value my faith more than anything. I am a true crime fanatic. In my free time, you can find me caught up in a true crime podcast, book, documentary, or on Google Flights. Like a true Pisces, daydreaming is my hobby, mainly about my next travel destination. If it involves glitter or the color purple count me in! I’m always counting down to the next chance I’ll get to spend time with my family and friends. I am also a big believer in giving back and enjoy contributing to my community. Lastly, go Dallas Cowboys!

As a business owner, I pride myself on my customer service and the ability to implement my client’s vision. I’m like a mixture between your wedding project manager and your BFF. Organization and attention to detail are my specialties! I can’t wait to help you plan your perfect day.














About Ciera P

Ciera Pope, currently resided in Richmond, VA and is a Full Time Wedding and Travel Planner. Owner / Travel Planner of Champagne and Cabanas Travel, Ciera has also been the Lead Coordinator of the Hive Wedding Collective for 6 the past years.

When visiting new places, she seeks to indulge in the culture and be a little adventurous, but always leaving time to soak up some sun rays poolside with a glass of champagne. Her love of travel, hosting, and event planning became the driving force for C & C Travel. The company focuses on Honeymoons, Destination Weddings, Group & Solo Travel throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, Asia and Central America. 

Some of her fondest & most heart racing moments are her first zip lining experience during a tropical rainstorm in Mexico, snorkeling with sea turtles in Barbados, and nearly falling off of an ATV in Punta Cana. Her mission is to provide her clients with even more memorable experiences.

As a wedding planner for 6 years, Ciera has planned over 70 weddings throughout Central Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC and this year she’s taking her talents abroad to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Ciera takes pride in the details of the wedding design and has had the honor of being published in some top magazine publications and blogs. With a background in project management and customer service, Ciera is all about the logistics and the overall client experience.

She aims to provide a personalized experience for everyone based on her expertise in both wedding and travel planning.


About Cordelia

Cordelia Cranshaw, foster system advocate, motivational speaker, Founder and CEO of @ark_dc and former Miss District of Columbia USA. Cordelia was often told she would most likely be a statistic and never make it in the world on her own, yet, she continues to defy the odds as her resiliency and her path in helping others, has earned her recognition throughout the country. Visit CordeliaCranshaw.com to learn more and/or to book Cordelia as your Keynote Speaker at your next event!






About MomE

I would love to give you a little background on myself. My name is Erica Sullivan. momE came from…well clearly because my nickname is E. I look young but I am 32 years old. I am recently married to my hunk of a husband Corey!! So ignore all the past blogs about how single and miserable I may have been. Not only did I go from being a single mom of one little munchkin, Camden, now I have 2 more boys within the last 3 years. My oldest, Chubbs, is my step-son and Cru our new little guy just came October of 2018. I am currently focusing all my time on being a mom and wife and growing my business. I enjoy the normal things like, shopping, eating, reading, movies, and going to church. I grew up a PK (Pastor’s Kid) and I love the lord. I even just recently started a church page on Instagram @2savedchicks, where we explore church all over the country.

With the new last name also came a new location. So enjoy the blogs on my life in Philadelphia. I am working on writing my second book and I recently launch my own podcast. My brand and my family mean the world to me. So follow me on my journey. I am down to earth and just have a lot to say. So read along and enjoy the blog!! Chat with you soon!











About Chanee’


Chaneé Patterson is a Line Producer at National Geographic in Washington, D.C with seven years of experience managing television production budgets and crews. She received her B.S. in Journalism from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012. Chaneé is thought provoking, self-sufficient, creative, and a leader. Outside of work, she loves to volunteer, travel, take pictures, and read. Chaneé is the founder of Bring Your Own Book Club in the DMV. BYOB is a platform for women to build open and honest discussion through vivid storytelling. The book club was established to encourage literacy among persons of color, but to also gather a group of women to aide as community volunteers. Chaneé’s desire to support those in need is engrained in her core values. She is passionate about contributing to society. Coming from an underserved community herself, Chaneé wants to offer the assistance that she desired while growing up. As the club continues to grow, Chaneé is dedicating their efforts to serving neighboring communities. BYOB is currently looking to expand in the area by developing literary programs for the youth. Through her tenacious efforts to prosper, Chaneé remains honest, open minded, present, and giving while also promoting integrity and self-sustainability.



Our experiences teach us who we are. They reveal our commonalities with each other, give us humor, allow us to feel sadness and most of all, make us human. Our experiences are our best teachers and friends. Our experiences make up the pages of our lives, filling the chapters with the different trends, styles and, subsequently, creating the lifestyles we ultimately find ourselves living.

Like many, I enjoy life and the experiences that it affords and coupled with my love for writing, I began documenting and sharing my own experiences in the hope of connecting, inspiring and educating. I found myself writing about hustle culture and howto beat theSunday blues. I wrote aChristmas gift guide for divorced/remarried parentsand how tocreate stress-free goals for2019.


Through this exploratory writing, I flourished and grew. I learned so much more about the world around me and was honored to be able to share life experiences, modern culture, reflections on trends, and suggestions for better living.

And I’m just getting started.  Let me write for you. 


You need content and I love writing. In addition to my passion for the written word, I have a background and work in the web design industry. I have seen over 250 websites to launch and know what engages the end-user. This is a partnership made in heaven.Connectwith me, share your content needs/ideas, and let create relevant, engaging content for you. I look forward to hearing from you!


Kindest regards,
Stormy S.